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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Emily - Emily Rutledge is a grade 9 honour's student at Almaguin Highlands Secondary School. She is enrolled in the French Immersion program and her favourite subjects are English, Science, Media Arts, and Gym. Emily has a love for many sports including long distance running and volleyball. Spending time staying fit and hanging out with her friends is Emily's favourite pass-time. Emily is also passionate about women's empowerment and education. Through the "Me-to-We" organization, Emily has travelled to India and Ecuador (Summer 2016) to aid these causes. Emily lives in Burk's Falls, Ontario with her family and her chocolate lab, Duke. Emily hopes to become an ophthalmologist, which is what inspired this year's project. This is Emily’s second year participating in CWSF. She is very excited and honoured to have the opportunity to attend CWSF 2016 at McGill University, Montreal.
Amy - Amy MacFarlane is a fourteen year old honour student, at Almaguin Highlands Secondary School. She is actively involved in her school and village community. Amy is very academically motivated, she has been enrolled in the extended french program for the previous five years. Amy also participates in a variety of extracurricular activities such as figure skating, cross country running as well as track and field. Amy loves to volunteer at her local figure skating club and enjoys coaching children. Amy aspires to attend the University of Ottawa for her undergraduate studies. She then strives to attend Mcgill University for her Doctor of Medicine degree. She would like to pursue a career in cardiology. Amy and her partner have large ambitions for their project. Over the span of the next couple of years they hope to find a new treatment for cataracts. Amy would like to encourage other young minds to divulge in the world of science as there is a lot to be discovered. Although there is more to science than just discovery, it is taking initiative in your own education. This is Amy's second Canada Wide Science Fair, she is very honoured and excited to attend.

Emily Rutledge, Amy MacFarlane

Counteracting Cataracts
Region:East Parry Sound
City:Burk's Falls, ON, South River, ON
School:Almaguin Highlands H.S.
Abstract:Cataracts affect more then 2.5 million Canadians alone. Currently the only possible treatment options for cataracts are surgical procedures. Our ultimate goal for this project is to test possible solutions on a synthetic cataract we engineered. For this year, we formed our own cataract within a cow's lens by denaturing the crystallin proteins.