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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Rachel and I'm from northwest BC. My interests, other than science, are reading, swimming, and running. I swim with my local swim team and I run with my track and field team. The inspiration for my science fair project this year came from the changing climate. I investigated the impacts global warming could have on organisms in the boreal forest. Further investigations for my project could include testing in different places other than local areas. If you're planning on doing a science fair project, I strongly advise it. It's incredibly interesting and being chosen to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair is an amazing bonus.

Rachel Cuell

Climate Change: Time to be Enlichened
Region:Pacific Northwest
City:Smithers, BC
School:Smithers Secondary
Abstract:In response to climate change, mountain pine beetles have killed most of BC’s pine trees. I compared lichens on pine and spruce trees to examine implications of this loss of habitat. Lichens are important ecologically: caribou eat some species; others fix nitrogen. I found that lichen communities differed and that three species were primarily found on pine. Climate change is indirectly affecting BC’s lichen populations.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Intermediate
Silver Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
Western University Scholarship
Silver Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$2 000.00
Total$2 000.00