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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Sehaj Aujla. I am a grade 7 student of Aurora Academic Charter School. So far this year I’ve participated in the Terry Fox Run and my whole family is going to be doing a community clean up. My hobbies are playing volleyball, camping, skiing, inline skating, hiking, and swimming. I am planning to go in science or engineering field. I received silver medal at Edmonton Regional Science Fair for my project this year. Some achievement that I have made this year are getting on the school volleyball team. I got the inspiration for my project from my dad and younger sister conversation. My dad kept telling my sister that she blinked too fast and I kept hearing it over and over again, so it gave me the idea of doing my science fair project on blinking. If I ever continued this project the things I would change are the lightings in each room and get a higher amount of test subjects. If anyone ever decided on doing this project the advice I would give them is to ask the subjects they are testing if they have any eye problems because that may change their result.

Sehaj Aujla

City:Edmoton, AB
School:Aurora Charter School
Abstract:In my project I tried to find out if the quality of eyesight affects performance when starring. To do this I tested 24 test subjects and split them into 12 equal groups. I made them stare at a wall as long as they could without blinking. I found the average of each group to find the winning group.