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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Arman - So I am a student from Edmonton, Alberta and I play lots of sports and are really interested in cars. Previously I have been to regionals here in my city twice but never at nationals. Me and my partners inspiration was one day when his cousin wanted a lava lamp he was not allowed to get it because it was too expensive so we wanted to make something that was cheaper and more affordable but worked just like a real lava lamp. To improve we are trying to find a way to make it last longer.Some advice would be to ask yourself how your project can help people, that's what helped us for our projects.
Mohit - Hi my name is Mohit Singh. I like to play all sports and I'm a car enthusiast. I go to Aurora Charter School and I'm also in grade eight. I got the inspiration for my project from my little cousin.

Arman Mangat, Mohit Singh

City:Edmonton , AB, Edmonton, AB
School:Aurora Charter School
Abstract:Our project is on making a lava lamp using materials that can be found at home: a bottle,vegetable oil, tonic water and dental tablets. It looks just like a real lava lamp without it having to be plunged in and is also cheap and safe to use.