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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Kamil Ahmed and I represent the Edmonton Islamic Academy. I am in Grade 7 and I really like studying about interesting things. My favourite subjects are biology, algebra, physics, and computer science. When I was searching things up for the Science Fair, I came to realize that not many places around the world has well-educated doctors, nor even good hospitals that have healthy living quarters. My Further Research for this project might be improving the magnification that the digital cell microscope has. Maybe having a slide system for placing your smartphone could make it more portable and sturdy while taking microscopic images. The first thing you should do in any project is to draw up a plan of what you have to do. Also, spend time thinking and writing down times that you are available to work. Aim to finish around 75% of the way through the project. Rarely do things go as planned. You are bound to find either the work is more than estimated, or the time you thought you had available is taken up with other things. You have to remember that the best way to predict your future is to create it.

Kamil Ahmed

Advances on a Digital Microscope
City:Edmonton, AB
School:Edmonton Islamic School
Abstract:When you get sick, you go to your doctor, get a prescription for what cures you, and feel better. But in parts of the world that are remote, people cannot visit doctors easily. That can change with the digital cell microscope. I believe this product with my model could be used in developing countries and schools to detect some specific specimens as quickly as possible.