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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Anita James and I am in Grade 9. I love to read and write and I am part of the Yearbook Committee at my school. I enjoy music and can play drums, violin, piano, saxophone, and trumpet. I also enjoy gymnastics and hiking. In the future I would love to learn sign language and I am interested in proofreading and editing. Winning third place in the Regional Science Fair in my community is the most notable experience in my life so far and winning the opportunity to participate at CWSF is pretty exciting too. My inspiration for my project came from a post I saw on Facebook talking about ice-cream that didn’t melt. I wanted to know if it was true and I wondered if the ingredients in the ice-cream effected how quickly it would melt. If I chose to investigate further, I would do taste tests to see if people really like the brand of ice-cream that they think they like and if knowing what their ice-cream is made from would change their mind. My advice to other students thinking about doing a project is to choose a topic you are interested in.

Anita James

What's The Scoop
City:Tusket, NS
School:Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School
Abstract:My project, What’s the Scoop, tests how quickly different brands of vanilla ice-cream melt and looks at the ingredients to see how that factors into the melting times. I also did a social media poll to see how popular each of the four brands of vanilla ice-cream were.