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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I am a grade 10 student who loves science. I have been in several regional fairs prior to advancing and would encourage everybody else to join in on them. Science is something that is constantly changing, and because of that, we, as humans need to adapt and continue learning. Based on the results from my project, I plan to further investigate the applied uses of colors. For anyone that is thinking about doing a project, my advice would be,yes, do it, you will gain so much knowledge and wisdom. Science fair projects are not just a "school project" they are a chance to develop your scientific ideas and become a valuable addition to the scientific world. Science changes the world, and so can you.

Elesha Wood

Color me: Excited?
City:Weymouth, NS
School:St. Mary's Bay Academy
Abstract:This project looks at the effects of colors on blood pressure, heart rate and emotions. I tested the effects by measuring blood pressure and heart rate before and after each color, and doing an emotional survey for each color. My hypothesis was that if colors are introduced to someone, heart rate,blood pressure and emotions will change.The experimental results support my hypothesis.