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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My name is Kaamraan Islam. I am 13 years old and I go to the Challenge Program at Calvin Park Public School. I was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to represent FLASF at the Canada Wide Science Fair for the second year in a row. The Canada Wide Science Fair changed me as a person. It taught me important life skills and it provided me with an experience to relish for a lifetime! I have a tremendous passion for Science. I enjoy how through the scientific method you can solve virtually every problem. In the future, my goal is to become a neuroradiologist. My family loves to barbecue chicken, and we all enjoy eating the black, crusty pieces on the surface of the meat. I conducted research and discovered that the black pieces are very harmful as they are carcinogens, and consumption of them can cause cancer. Then arose a question. How could I mitigate the formation of these harmful carcinogens? Everything always starts with a question. Questions can change the world. When choosing a science fair project, ask a question, something that you genuinely don’t know.

Kaamraan Islam

Decreasing the Formation of Carcinogens in Grilled Chicken
Région:Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
Ville:Kingston, ON
École:Calvin Park P.S.
Sommaire:Cooking chicken at high temperatures generates carcinogenic chemicals. This experiment aims to analyze the effects of various edible marinades in decreasing the formation of carcinogens in grilled chicken. The “super marinade”, consisting of rosemary and mint, decreased the formation of carcinogens by 97% compared to a plain chicken breast control. This marinade contains phenolic compounds, which mitigate harmful carcinogenic compounds from forming within grilled chicken.