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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Ashlen Cole I am a high school student at Milestone High school. I enjoy reading,playing sports,drawing and science research. my career plans are hopefully a path in neuro science and if not that to peruse a doctorate in philosophy. i got my inspiration for this project through an article i read on the effects of cell radiation on the brain and wanted to see what effects using a cell phone would have on the body and brain. further investigations would include health effects and mri of the brain to determine where this radiation effects. if i have any advice to give to a student doing this project have fun, do your research,don't give up and if it interests you keep doing it.

Ashlen Cole

You're Exposed
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Milestone, SK
School:Milestone School
Abstract:Testing radiation emitted from the human body after being exposed to cellular radiation determined which cell phone and case offered the most protection. Experimentation showed Lifeproof™ cases prevented the most radiation emissions, while iPhone 6™ released the most. It was found that males emitted more radiation than females.