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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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I was inspired to do my aquaponics project when visiting Sweden in 2013. Our family friends had just heard about aquaponics and this inspired me to investigate this idea further. I plan to do further research and see how I can improve the pre-existing system by making it an easy put together system and adding a place with surface area for bacteria to grow on. This project was a hard project and can be done if your willing and eager to put in the time. I also participate in competitive weightlifting, I have also participated in 4H poultry and competitive rowing.

Bjorn Svorkdal

Barrel-ponics: Is it an improvement over traditional farming?
Région:Vancouver Island
Ville:Saanichton, BC
École:Glenlyon Norfolk School
Sommaire:For my science fair project I tested an barrel-style aquaponics system that uses ideas from hydroponics and aquaculture to grow food. Aquaponics uses fish waste and ammonium that is cycled through the system and processed by nitrifying bacteria to be used as plant nutrients. In my project I tested the height of lettuce and the weight of wheat grass in both systems.

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