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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Hi! My name is Ella Kokelj and I am from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This is my first time attending the Canada-Wide Science Fair, and I am really excited! I enjoy spending time outside, studying the landscape and the natural life around it. I like spending time paddling and hiking outside. I do a lot of skiing and running throughout the year. I have gone from Greenland to Alaska for ski competitions! I am really glad that I get the chance to go to Montreal to compete in this Fair. I have learnt the french language as a second language, and am excited to have the chance to put that skill to use.

Ella Kokelj

La formation du Grand lac des Esclaves
City:Yellowknife, NT
School:William McDonald School
Abstract:Des processus glaciaires ont affecter le paysage autour du nord du Canada. Le glacier Laurentide a recouvert le majorité du Canada. Son poids a abaissé le lithosphère, causant l’eau a collecté et des grands lacs à former à la frontière du glacier. Le lithosphère rebondant cause ces lacs immenses à écouler lentement. Le Grand lac des Esclaves est le vestige d’un ancien lac proglacial.