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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Science Fair has been a passion of mine since Grade 5, and I am fortunate enough to be attending CWSF for the third year in a row. Through since fair, I have learned that there are many challenges and pressing issues which humanity faces, and through science we can solve some of this problems. I became inspired to do this project when I realized the poor condition of over 1 billion people in this world, whose lifestyles are undeveloped. I wanted to find a way to generate electricity which can be used in developing countries, because I believe every human has a right to have access to it. I would encourage other students to find other matters of concern which exist today, and try to solve those problems using their interests in science. In my past regional fairs, I have won the IEEE engineering award, the Environment Canada award, and gold and silver medals. I enjoy Science and Math in school. I am also part of the badminton team which has won the city championship for the past few years. I also enjoy being a part of the community soccer team and swimming, and I love travelling to new places

Siddhant Gautam

The Recipe for Electricity
City:Westlock, AB
School:Harry Ainlay School
Abstract:Electricity is a necessity of our current lifestyle. Unfortunately, 1.3 billion people in developing countries do not have access to electricity. An innovate yet feasible solution is required, and in my project I created a thermoelectric generator which captures waste heat from stove to generate electricity. This innovation will profoundly benefit the people living in poverty, as it will allow them to develop and advance.