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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Every time I get a cut my parents always told me to put turmeric powder on it. Once I went online to search it up and it turn out to to be a cure for many diseases. Which made me interested in the topic and I needed to do a science project and this was something I was really confident in. Now after doing this project I really enjoy doing experiment and enjoyed also making my own proof that turmeric powder is an antibiotic, which encourages me to do more projects and experiments and a career in sciences such as a doctor or pharmacist.

Aksh Singh Narhan

Est-ce que la poudre de curcuma est un antibiotique?
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Thompson , MB
School:Riverside School
Abstract:This project was done to prove that turmeric powder is an antibiotic. Turmeric powder is found in a plant apart the ginger family. My hypothesis was that turmeric powder will stop bacteria from growing. After both of my experiments and a little bit of research proved that is an antibiotic. My hypothesis was correct, turmeric powder is an antibiotic.