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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Savannah Stevenson, i am 17 years old and attend Peguis Central School. I enjoy reading and am a wrestler. My plan for the future is to go into university and study biology. I first became interested in science when watching ancient Egypt on the discovery channel when i was young and loved both subjects ever since. My inspiration for my project was to help recycle at my school and community. My advice to other students is to make sure you have an interest in your project and have fun with it.

Savannah Stevenson

Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Peguis, MB
School:Peguis Central School
Abstract:Two composting methods were compared to determine which end product would be better to use as a fertilizer. One was vermicomposting and the other was the traditional composting method. Each compost was used as a fertilizer and mixed with potting soil. Cucumber seeds were planted and observed for growth and development. The soil mix was tested for PH levels, moisture percentage and respiration measurement.