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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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I am in Grade 7 at St. Luke elementary school in North Bay, Ontario. I’m in the French immersion program. The subjects I’m most interested in are math and science. I play competitive hockey, and I also play soccer and run track. Since both my parents are engineers, in the future, I would like to get a degree in engineering. Afterwards, I’d like to get a degree in law. I was inspired to do this project because both my grandparents have diabetes, and I wanted to relate my project to diabetes to see if what I’m testing relates to the human body. I also wanted to see how much sugar there is in common foods. If I could do this project again, I would test the amounts of other sugars in the foods (fructose and galactose) and compare the results of all of the sugars. My advice for students thinking about doing a project is, make sure you pick a topic you are interested in and pick a topic you understand the science behind or can easily learn it.

Gabrielle Russo

Stripping Down the Sugars
Region:North Bay
City:North Bay, ON
School:St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
Abstract:In my project I measured the amount of glucose and sucrose using glucose test strips. I took two measurements, one before adding the invertase and one after adding the invertase. Then I asked myself “how does this project relate to the human digestive system”.