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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Lesley Marie. I am from Kugaaruk, Nunavut. I like to spend time with my friends, go to school, & play badminton. After I graduate, I want to go to the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program in Ottawa and get a job as a cook or chef. I wanted to do this project because not enough teenagers know about syphilis & other STIs. I would like to study more about Sexual Health and teens in the future. Some advice I would give to other students doing a project is: find a partner you can work with well, and find a topic you're really interested in.

Lesley Marie Inuksaq

A Study of Kugaaruk Youth Knowledge Regarding Syphilis
City:Kugaaruk , NU
School:Kugaardjuk Ilihakvik
Abstract:Syphilis is on the rise in Nunavut. This student conducted a study of the junior and senior high school students at Kugaaruk Ilinniarvik to test for their understanding of the infection. The results clearly indicated the majority of students were unaware of the most basic facts. It was concluded that more needs to be done to educate youth.