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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My love for science has always been an integral part of my life: it stretches from the science books that I read as a child to my current work with my research projects. Of course, my perception of science has changed drastically over those years as well. Whereas before I thought science to be a simple and linear subject, I now realize that it is a mixture of experimentation, calculation, trial-and-error tactics, and determination. Many are the times that I have spent weeks trying to solve a problem in my project; each time I tried a solution, I hit a brick wall. However, with determination, I broke through those brick walls each time and derived solutions to those problems. For me, determination and persistence do not only restrict themselves to the scientific part of my life. I am a committed track and field athlete, leader and founder of Sisler's Political Youth (a youth group at my school), volunteer at my local hospital, and AP student. In my spare time I love to spend time with my friends and visit my local gym, both of which let me release some steam; after all, healthy body, healthy mind!

Philip Kawalec

Cavendish Clones: A Solution to Sustainable Water Filtering
Région:Winnipeg Schools
Ville:Winnipeg, MB
École:Sisler High School
Sommaire:My project focused on creating a sustainable water filter to extract iron and calcium from water using banana peels as the main filtering agent. I found that the peels were effective in tackling water quality issues such as brown and hard water, caused by iron and calcium, respectively. As well, I have developed several prototypes of filters that use the peels to filter effectively.

Prix Valeur
Prix du concours junior canadien au sujet de l’eau, à Stockholm
Sponsor: Les associations membres canadiennes de la WEF, l'Association canadienne des eaux potables et Jacobs
300,00 $
Prix d'excellence - Senior
Médaille de bronze
Sponsor: Sciences jeunesse Canada
Bourse d'admission de l'Université d'Ottawa
Médaillé de bronze, sénior – Bourse d’admission de 1 000 $
Sponsor: Université d'Ottawa
1 000,00 $
Bourse d’études de Western University
Médaillé de bronze - Bourse d'admission de 1 000 $
Sponsor: Université Western
1 000,00 $
Total2 300,00 $