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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Ben Jr Malliki. I am attending Tusarvik School in Naujaat Nunavut. I enjoy visiting my friends that turn into family trough bonds and my interest is to have fun and go with the flow. I placed first at my school science fair and the Kivalliq Regional Science Fair. I also won the communication award for best interview. After I graduate high school, I am applying for college for environmental technology. My inspiration for my project was that I have done my science project before and I wanted to improve on what I’ve done back then. There has been a news paper article about distracted drivers and I actually would want to notify the government on how dangerous it is. My advice to students is to do something that you are totally interested in and keep going trough because in the end you will be shock of the conclusion. Also have fun with your project too.

Ben Malliki

Distracted Drivers
City:Naujaat, NU
School:Tusarvik School
Abstract:Distracted Drivers is a project on how people can get distracted while driving. I wanted to find out which distractions would cause the most accidents (destruction). I used a video game console Nintendo Wii and Mario kart Wii to simulate driving in a safe environment. The participants drove one control trial and five trials with various distractions.