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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Daphné - My name is Daphné Dupuis. I am 13 years old and in 8th grade. I attend a French Immersion program at Rosedale Public School in Sault Sainte Marie. Ontario. A competitive swimmer and highland dancer, I enjoy doing gymnastics in my backyard and on my trampoline. I also like reading, and going to the mall or movies with my friends. I plan to take over my dad's business in water turbine/generator engineering after attending college or university. I am currently in an AP math program, which I am really enjoying. I have received the engineering award twice at my regional science fair, and this is my first time attending CWSF. I am extremely excited to see what this experience has to offer! Inspiration for my project on wind power efficiency came from my dad. If my best friend, Mya St.Jean, and I were to take our project further, we would try using more turbine blade angles to produce even more accurate results. We would also like to test different blade sizes to see if their size causes more or less friction. My advice to other students doing science fair projects: be sure to do something that really interests you!
Mya - My name is Mya St Jean. I am from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. I am in grade eight at Rosedale Public School and I am thirteen years old. I was inspired to do this science project by my partner’s dad because he is an Engineer who works on water turbines. After doing research we thought it would be cool to determine the most efficient blade pitch for a wind turbine to create maximum energy. For further investigation on my project I would do more angles to see if one of those other angels would be more efficient. My advice to other students who want to do a project is to have lots of research or depending on what you do, do more then one trial to give you a more accurate answer. This year we won the award for best in engineering and 1st place in the junior division. My partner Daphne and I also won the award for best in engineering last year for “building the next bridge”. When I get older I would like to work in the health care field. I am really looking forward to this experience and I can’t wait to meet new people.

Daphné Dupuis, Mya St Jean

POWER UP! Wind Turbine Efficiency
Region:Algoma Rotary
City:Sault Ste. Marie, ON
School:Rosedale P.S.
Abstract:Wind turbine efficiency was tested using a variety of fixed blade angles (pitch) and a DC motor. Each turbine was exposed to three different wind speeds, and the DC voltage produced by each was measured using a voltmeter. We hypothesized that a 45⁰ blade angle would produce maximum output, or best efficiency, in varying wind conditions. This was proven incorrect by our trials.