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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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Hello! My name is Zeel Patel and I'm a grade ten student at Sir Winston Churchill High School attending my third consecutive CWSF (excited for Montreal)! I have been involved in science fairs for the past 7 years, collecting various awards for my hard work. I plan on taking my interest in science further to my post-secondary studies. I love playing many sports, including soccer, basketball, badminton, and volleyball; and am an active member in my school's sports teams. Alongside these efforts, I was involved in Infinity Robotics, which was selected to represent our nation at the World's Tournament. Additionally, I was ranked #1 in Alberta for the Pascal Math Competition. I was also selected to attend the MIT Launch program and qualified to represent Canada at the World Scholars Cup in Bangkok. Finally, I am involved in 13 different extracurricular organizations both within and outside of school, which are working towards developing youth and advancing society for the future. I spent a good chunk of my summer volunteering around my community. I hope to pursue a career in medicine and continue to contribute to society in a positive way. Between science, sports and everything else, time sure goes by!

Zeel Patel

CADSense: A Novel Biosensor Optimized For The Early Diagnosis Of Atherosclerosis
Region:Calgary Youth
City:Calgary, AB
School:Sir Winston Churchill High School
Abstract:Cardiovascular disease, specifically Atherosclerosis, is responsible for more deaths than HIV and all forms of Cancer combined. Recognizing that current laboratory-tests and bio-markers are expensive and inaccurate, I was determined to invent an effective colorimetric bio-sensor for the early diagnosis of Atherosclerosis. My innovation, CADSense, is a novel diagnostic which is inexpensive, rapid, user-friendly, and minimally-invasive with the aim of saving millions of lives worldwide.