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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Stephanie Lacasse, I am a grade 9 student attending North Island Secondary School in Port Mc Neill, BC. I love to scuba dive, downhill ski, hike, swim and I recently learned how to kite board. I have been involved with Girl Guides of Canada for 11 years and have completed my Lady Baden Powell and Citizenship award. I regularly volunteer at fish hatcheries and my parents do impact assessments for fish farms. This inspired me to do a project on utilizing fish waste. This year my science fair project is about studying algae so in future use I could make a fish chemostat. A fish chemostat is basically a life sustaining eco-system where fish would use their own waste as fertilizer to grow algae and then the algae is used as food for the fish. For non eating algae fish I could add another step and use the algae to grow a type of plankton called daphnia. They would then be used to feed fish. Advice that I would give to a student thinking about doing this project is start very early because this project took more time than I expected.

Stephanie Lacasse

The Green Way: Making Use of Waste
Region:Northern Vancouver Island
City:Pt Mc Neill, BC
School:North Island Secondary
Abstract:To test productivity two experiment chambers were treated with varied weakly additions of 5 and 10 ml's of fertilizer. Weekly samples were collected, filtered, and analyzed for chlorophyl "a". In future use the data collected could be used to design a closed fish production facility.