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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Maya Vanderheide. I recently moved to Sointula on Vancouver Island and am attending school for the first time. I grew up on an isolated island on the North Coast, spending a lot of my time exploring the coast and working with my parents on on our family tug boat. I have been involved with science fairs at the local and regional levels for the last six years, but this is my first time at the Canada Wide Science Fair. Because I was homeschooled and lived on an island without other kids, attending science fairs was an exciting opportunity to take part in something with my peers and compete. This is my second year testing the harmful effects of pasteurization on honey. I intend to do this project again next year and take it further and rule out some of the variables that didn't work out well this year. I love science fairs because I really enjoy doing experiments and tests and learning all about something new, as well as presenting what I have learned to other people. I am so excited to be at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Montreal this year!

Maya Vanderheide

The Power of Honey
Region:Northern Vancouver Island
City:Sointula , BC
School:North Island Secondary
Abstract:I tested the effects of pasteurization on the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of honey. In the anti fungal section of my experiment it was clear that pasteurization had a huge affect on honey. In the second anti bacterial section of my experiment (though it was not as obvious) pasteurization did once again affect honey.