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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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Sydney - My name is Sydney Kuppenbender, and I am a 17-year-old French-speaking Métis student born and raised in Northern Saskatchewan. I have always been a competitive athlete, an avid musician, and passionate about giving back to my community, both locally and globally. Living a healthy lifestyle is always something that I have valued, along with an appreciation for my Aboriginal culture within my hometown community, which was the initial inspiration of my project. I will be attending McGill University in the fall, studying Arts and Science majoring in Life Sciences and International Development, hoping to eventually pursue a career in the field of Global Health.
Gracie - My name is Gracie Kuppenbender and I am a grade nine French Immersion student at CCHS in La Ronge. I am Métis, born and raised in Northern Saskatchewan! I love to play and teach piano. I adore musical theatre and have done twelve major productions so far. I have been figure skating since I was four years old and am a competitive skater. At school, I take part in cheerleading, cross country skiing, drama, track and field and the students against drinking and driving club. I volunteer to prepare and serve healthy breakfasts to elementary students every week. I hope to pursue a career in the health field. I am a vegetarian and am passionate about nutrition. It is this passion, my desire to help make the world a healthier place and my curiosity about Indigenous ways that inspired my project. I plan to continue with my project next year, comparing benefits of cultivated Chaga with wild harvested Chaga. I also would like to find the most efficient way to ingest Chaga in order to target specific illnesses. The best advice that I have for other students wanting to do a project is….choose a topic that you are passionate about!

Sydney Kuppenbender, Gracie Kuppenbender

Chaga: King of Medicinal Mushrooms
Région:Northern Saskatchewan
Ville:Air Ronge , SK, Air Ronge, SK
École:Churchill Composite H.S.
Sommaire:Our project is a study of the Chaga mushroom, which is a fungal growth that grows on white birch trees in the Northern Peninsula. We decided to test a sample from Northern Saskatchewan to compare its properties to those from around the world. In our research, we discovered that Chaga contains high concentrations of certain minerals that have a positive impact on the body.