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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Mariam Jafri, I am thirteen years old and I study at Mentor College. Looking at academics, I have been a high achiever ever since first Grade. I have won eleven awards at school so far, and recently won a silver medal at the P.R.S.F. and have been given the opportunity to represent the region at the C.W.S.F. I have always had a passion for biology, as I find the human body and organisms in general fascinating to learn about. After high school, I plan to get into medicine and become a cardiac surgeon. When you think about global issues, the most common is that of water shortages - where many die of dehydration - and this knowledge motivated me to examine the effects of recycled water on the growth rate of plants. I plan to further investigate the protein break-down of the plants grown with recycled water once it enters the body, to determine if it is safe to consume. I would advise other students to base their project upon something they are interested about, as it would make them willing to share it, learn more about it, and use it to help the world.

Mariam Jafri

Garbage, Recycling, or None of the Above!
City:Mississauga, ON
School:Mentor College
Abstract:The facts we are facing severe global water shortages and “Climate Change” threatens our future supply of water, was inspiration to find this problem a sustainable solution. The experiment’s purpose is to determine the effect of different types of recycled water on the growth rate of plants, using filtered, tap, soapy, grey, and polluted water, being the most commonly available in communities.