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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Kierra Sack and I am a grade 9 student at L'nu Sipuk Kina'Mukuoum in Indian Brook Nova Scotia. I enjoy beading, drawing and spending time with family and friends. The inspiration for my science project was my curiosity in regards to human behaviours. I plan to continue my project through increased testing. If I could give advice to others, I would tell them to make sure you have enough test subjects to gather more data.

Kierra Sack

I Love Music
Region:Mi'kma'q First Nation
City:Indian Brook, NS
School:L'nu Sipuk Kina'muokuom
Abstract:This project focused on the affects of soothing and energetic music on blood pressure and heart rate. Participants were asked to have their blood pressure recorded and then listen to soothing music, with their blood pressure recorded a second time. This was repeated with energetic music. Results were reviewed to see if there was any correlation between BP and music.