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CWSF 2016 - Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Shannon, and I live in Miramichi, NB. I love to play piano - I am in grade 4 in the Royal Conservatory. I also play soccer and volleyball, and I love to swim. I got my idea for my project, No Need for the Bead, from an adjudicator at the 2015 River Valley Regional Science Fair. My project had been about flushable wipes, and the trouble they are causing since sewage treatment facilities are unequipped to handle them. My adjudicator mentioned that if I was interested in problems in sewage treatment facilities to check out microbeads - so that is what I did!

Shannon Bowes

No Need for the Bead
Region:River Valley
City:Miramichi, NB
School:Dr. Losier Middle School
Abstract:For my project, I researched what microbeads are, and how and why they are an environmental disaster. After microbeads are washed down the drain, they successfully pass through the wastewater treatment facility, unfiltered, and flow straight into the oceans. Once they are in the ocean, they cause a huge chain reaction of problems. Fish eat these toxic microbeads, and we may be eating the fish.