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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I'm Emily Robb and I attend St.Augustine School in Brandon, Manitoba. I'm in grade 8. I live on an acreage 30 minutes west of Brandon. I really like horticulture/botany, fish/fishing, ringette, equestrian sports, Lego, and science fair (I've done a project every year since grade 1). I play ringette for the Brandon Blizzards as the only goalie, our team recently won our provincials. I've been playing for 7 years. I enjoy making fishing lures and experimenting on plants in my spare time, I plan on grafting some plants and fruit trees when it gets warmer. I will begin high school in the fall at Vincent Massey High School, mainly for their academics. After that, I plan on going into studies involving plants to eventually become an agricultural engineer or a horticulturalist. I got my project inspiration from my two favorite things, fish and plants, and discovered aquaponics. I plan on using different plants in the future with aquaponics, such as plants from the Cucurbitaceae family. For those who are thinking about doing a science project, think about things you love and base your project upon that so you're engaged. There's nothing worse then doing a science project you don't like.

Emily Robb

From Tank to Table
Region:Western Manitoba
City:Brandon, MB
School:St. Augustine
Abstract:In a growing world, where space is limited and land consumption is vigorous, it's hard to produce enough food to feed everyone. This project is an experiment to see if aquaponics or traditional soil would produce better/higher yielding plants. Aquaponics is an aquacultural (symbiotic) system in which fish produce waste/nutrients for plants and in turn, the plants filter the water of waste for the fish.