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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Julia - My name is Julia Frie and I am a Grade 8 student from Wakaw, Saskatchewan. I enjoy playing sports. I participate in volleyball, badminton, and football. I'm involved in drama and SRC. I love to sketch and have won a few contests within Saskatchewan. I also love to play piano and I have taken lessons for the last seven years. I am on the high honour roll, and I won a silver medal for academic proficiency last year at my school. Alyssa and I have many family and friends who have battled cancer, and we wanted to find an easy and painless method to detect it. We've been working on our project for a year and we plan to keep expanding! We would like to start focusing on specific types of cancer, and increase our numbers. For students thinking about doing a project, pick a topic that interests you and something you won't get bored with because, believe me, you'll be working on it a lot!
Alyssa - My name is Alyssa Biccum and I am a Grade 8 student from Wakaw, Saskatchewan. I participate in several extra curricular activities and sports including: volleyball, badminton, dance, drama, and I am also part of my school's SRC. I have won a few awards/medals including: 1st place Junior Life Science twice at the Carlton Trail Regional Science Fair, Legion Rememberence Day poem/poster contest, bronze medal for academic proficiency, and I am on my schools high honour roll. Some highlights from the last couple years include attending We Day and Student Day. I plan to attend the University of Saskatchewan and become either a pediatrician or a neurosurgeon.In regards to Julia's and my project, we got our inspiration from several individuals. We have many family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer too late and we wanted to find an easy and painless way to detect cancer in early stages and increase survival rates. Julia and I have hopes to expand our project and narrow it down to a type of cancer. For students considering to participate in a science fair, pick a topic that interests you and don't procrastinate!

Julia Frie, Alyssa Biccum

Cancer "Arch"itecture
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Wakaw , SK, Wakaw, SK
Abstract:Cancer "Arch"itecture is a study to see if fingerprint patterns can be used as an early diagnostic tool for cancer. Thousands of individual prints were considered and it appears that one pattern in particular may be the key.