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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Jayme Granberg. I am from Edmonton Alberta, Canada and am 13 years old. I go to Holy Spirit School in Sherwood Park. I am part of a agricultural group called 4H and that is how I got to Canada Wide. I submitted my project Which Plants Grows Best In Which Manure to the 4H science fair committee and am one of the top five finalists. I like to find information on various areas of science. I got the inspiration for my project mostly from my dad. He started talking about an idea about growing plants and I said how about in different manures. I have a very strong interest in finding ways to reduce our impact on our environment and this seemed like a great project to do this in. In regards to next steps I'd like to see how growing manure can affect aqua environments. Something I like to tell anyone trying to start a project is never give up and always keep trying. The first time you tried something it may not have worked because of a simply miscalculation. Try again it may help.

Jayme Granberg

Which Plants Grow Best in Which Manure?
Region:4-H Canada
City:Sherwood Park, AB
School:Holy Spirit Catholic School
Abstract:In my project Which Plants Grows Best In Which Manure, the goal of the experiment was to see which manure effected plant growth the best. I used chicken manure, pig manure, horse manure and cow manure and grew beans, peas, onions and radishes. Over the course of six weeks I discovered that horse manure effects plant growth the best.