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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Quinn Blyth. I am 14 years old and live in Canmore, Alberta. I am in grade 8 at Lawrence Grassi Middle School. This is my fourth year of participating in the Regional Science Fair and the second time winning the chance to go to CWSF. Last year I completed a survey on global warming and won several awards including the chance to attend the CWSF. This year, I completed an experiment growing Algae in waste water and won several awards including the chance to attend the CWSF again. My favourite subjects are math and science. I love school and excel at all my core subjects. I play the saxophone in the band and also play the piano. I participate in many sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, skiing, tennis, and soccer. My favourite sport is hockey! I play on the AA Bantam team in my region. I got the inspiration for my project from learning a lot about global warming last year. I wanted to explore renewable energies and perform an experiment on biofuels to help reduce GHG emissions. My advice to other students would be even though it is hard work you learn a lot!!!

Quinn Blyth

Can Pond Scum Save the World?
Region:Canadian Rockies
City:Canmore, AB
School:Lawrence Grassi Middle School
Abstract:Microalgae is currently being used in the production of biofuels. Laundry waste water is a common byproduct and could be a valuable resource in conserving our fresh water supplies. Phormidium Keutzingianum, grown in a high pH, high alkaline photo-bioreactor, was inoculated into an alkaline media with varying concentrations of laundry waste water. The algae grew in increasing concentrations of waste water including concentrations of 100%.