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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Shirothie Puwaneswaran, and I am currently a grade 8 student at TCMPS. A little bit about myself, I am president of the SAC and I was also captain of the girl's basketball team at my school. I also love books, they are a huge part of my imagination and learning. My project is titled Who Do I Prefer. In terms of my inspiration for my project, I learned briefly about global warming and coral reefs during geography in grade 7. This inspired me and gave me the impetus to do a project related to how global warming affects coral reefs. I also hope that I can expand and extend my project towards other organisms, such as algae. My advice for other students is to follow their passion. You have to truly understand and be passionate about your topic. If you choose a topic just because it's "good" then there's no point in doing it. When it comes to judging you want to talk about something you are interested in.

Shirothie Puwaneswaran

Who Do I Prefer?
City:Markham , ON
School:Town Centre Montessori School
Abstract:The first part of the experiment has an environment with increased temperature conditions. This will simulate global warming, so that the effect of global warming on the green coral can be determined.The second part of the experiment will simulate acidic precipitation, which is a common side efect of global warming. Then the effect can be determined on the tolerance level of the green coral.