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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Hi, I'm Dayna Harper. I'm from St.Theresa Point First Nation, Manitoba. I used to play sports like Volley Ball, Basket Ball and Ice Hockey. I've tried my best to keep up with all my work so I could go to Regina for the National Science Festival. I'm interested in learning about weather and environmental science. I've been inspired by a girl in a movie called "Into the Storm" who studies about weather. My goal is to attend university and become a scientist. I encourage all my school friends to pursue their passion and work hard to prepare excellent projects to be able to experience the Canada Wide Science Festival.

Dayna Harper

Plants and Magnets
Region:Island Lake
City:St. Theresa Point, MB
School:St. Theresa Point School
Abstract:Seed germination was observed in soil exposed to magnetic field compared with germination in soil with no exposure to magnetic field. Results demonstrated that the lengths of roots and shoots after seven days were longer than seeds not exposed to magnets. The location of magnets in the growing pot (top and bottom) was also observed showing faster germination with magnets at the bottom.

Awards Value
SHAD Scholarship Award
Sponsor: SHAD