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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I am fascinated by learning. Not just because it is important in the modern day life, but also because my curiosity is ever growing. My favourite academic subject is math. In my opinion, math is the most important subject. With math, there really is not a limit to what you can do. It is a key necessity in the modern world. Everywhere you look there is math. That also applies to beauty. As I was looking at a magazine, I saw a stunning car. That made me think; when they were designing that car they must have known that it would look enticing by a formula. This means that math and beauty are connected. Although it is not obvious, it is true! With my curiosity peeked, I researched and found the Golden Ratio. It was not hard at all to find it since the Golden Ratio is used in so many things, not only things that are mathematical. This led my to continue my investigation on the material. Surprisingly, the Golden Ratio is found in places you do not expect it to be in.

Felipe Martinez

Golden Ratio: How to Be Beautiful
City:Belleville, ON
School:St. Paul Catholic S.S.
Abstract:This project describes the application of the Golden Ratio to designs around the world. If the Golden Ratio design is applied to any consumer product, it will produce an aesthetic appealing result to the consumers. This project analyzes the design of many consumer products (automobiles) from different countries and their appealing effect to the public, and the correlation between the prices and the Golden Ratio.