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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Ariya - - We wanted to choose a topic that can relate to everyone and address a topic that we felt was making a big impact. - Turn this project into a innovation and provide a solution for this issue. - Pursue a topic that you are passionate about and can relate a wide audience.
Alan - (Alan) Zuoyi Zhou - Ever since I was eight years old, I was captivated by biology. I have always viewed science as a pathway to improve lives around the world. In the past year, I wanted to promote the importance of medicine; I took the leadership role of my school's HOSA chapter, which is an internationally recognized medical competition for secondary and post-secondary students. This experience has guided me in becoming a more decisive leader than previously. As a result of my dedication, I placed second in Dental Science nationally. For a long time, my partner and I have noticed that people misplaces their attention to the chemical effects of water bottles, rather than the microbiology occurring within. We were inspired by the importance of clean drinking water to one's health. A step forward would be to transform our experimental data into an innovation; an item that could suppress bacterial replication within an enclosed bottle. My words to any future science fair participants would be: Be confident, and find a way to motivate yourself. For me personally, it was simply to focus on something that I truly enjoy.

Ariya Askari, Alan Zhou

The Effects of Sunlight on Bacterial Growth in Water Bottles
City:Toronto , ON, Toronto, ON
School:A.Y. Jackson S.S.
Abstract:This experiment examined the changes in bacterial growth inside different bottles when exposed to sunlight. Bottles were placed in several environments with varying amounts of sunlight exposure. Under sunlight exposure, the metallic bottle had significantly more bacteria present when compared to others. The exposure to sunlight significantly suppresses the growth of bacteria in clear water bottles.