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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I am a Grade 8 honour roll student at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and the youngest in an enthusiastic science-minded family. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed asking scientific questions and searching for their answers. Eventually, I would like to have a career in medicine, to continue asking interesting questions that lead to health improvements for others. I have lead a Destination Imagination team to a 3rd place finish at provincial finals and participate in activities that challenge my ability to be creative and innovative. I play clarinet in concert band, sing in concert choir, and write for my school’s student newspaper. I play piano and saxophone, volunteer at a local senior’s care centre, and enjoy extensive travel with my family. For the past 8 years I have spent a great deal of time with horses, primarily as an equestrian rider, competing as a hunter-jumper. Assisting junior riders, throughout the year and at summer camps, is a rewarding volunteer experience. My gold-award winning project was inspired by my curiosity about the short-term effects of dietary sodium on blood pressure. A true desire to explore a question thoroughly and scientifically is key to any successful project.

Laura Cunningham

Salt in Fast Food: No Great Shakes for Your Health
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:West Vancouver, BC
School:St Thomas Aquinas
Abstract:I conducted an experiment to determine if consuming the sodium equivalent found in an average fast food meal, 3000mg, would increase blood pressure of healthy adults shortly after consumption. The sodium load significantly raised mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 7.7mmHg and 3.6mmHg respectively. An equal volume of water did not change mean systolic or diastolic blood pressure significantly.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Junior
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
Western University Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$1 000.00
Total$1 000.00