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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My name is Gabriel Adam Nasr, I was born in St. Albert, Alberta. I have enrolled in the French immersion program since elementary school. I am currently in grade 8 at Sir George Simpson Junior High School. I enjoy playing the piano, and the trigger trombone and I plan on picking up the guitar. I also enjoy swimming and I have also taken life guarding lessons and snowboarding lessons. I got my inspiration for my project from my father who is Alberta Provincial Apiculturist. I have heard him talk about a report on how Tracheal mites affect honey bees' ability to thermoregulate their cluster and it is currently unknown whether the Varroa mite has any effect on Honey bees' thermoregulation. For this project, I plan to do it again this coming winter to verify my results and determine the levels of infestation that would significantly hinder the bees’ ability to thermoregulate leading to colony mortality. Advice? well I would tell them to choose something that they are genuinely interested in and can be expanded upon if required to.

Gabriel Nasr

L’impact des acariens parasites sur les abeilles en hiver
City:St Albert, AB
School:Sir George Simpson Junior High
Abstract:Les abeilles jouent un rôle important dans l'environnement. Ces dernières années, l'acarien Varroa a causé une mortalité élevée des colonies d’abeilles. Pour comprendre les causes des mortalités, la température de la grappe a été surveillée dans les colonies d'abeilles avec des infestations de varroa élevées et faible. Les résultats ont montré que les acariens compromettaient la capacité des abeilles à thermoréguler leur grappe.