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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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There was a science fair at my school and the other kids didn't seem to happy about it. However, I saw no reason why I couldn't enjoy doing my experiment as long as I chose a subject that would interest me. I always have been intrigued by engineering so I decided to build a catapult. This catapult was unique, though, and of my own design. After scouring the internet I could not find an instance of this same design being used. Besides, what can be more fun than throwing things with a catapult!? Surprisingly people found my project to be good enough to make it to nationals, which is quite exciting! If I was going to go through with some more rounds of testing I would try and use a wider variety of objects to get more comprehensive results. Although I wouldn't call myself an expert on science fairs a good rule of thumb to bear in mind would be to find a subject that interests you before doing the experiment as if you are passionate about what you are working out it will most likely turn out better.

Robert Allen

The Projectile Problem
City:St. Albert, AB
School:Sir George Simpson Junior High
Abstract:Using a homemade launcher of my own design (the gravity-assisted Ballistapult), I threw objects of different masses and shapes 3 times each at different launch angles, then recorded and analyzed the results. I then improved the Ballistapult and test process to conduct a second round of testing to find more comprehensive results.