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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Zoey Farago is a grade eleven student who attends Lumsden High School. Her inspiration for her sleep deprivation project stems from her own struggles with sleeplessness, as well as from her curiosity about creative insomnia (which is the idea that a lack of sleep can spark creative breakthroughs). For future investigations, Zoey would like to further study the validity of creative insomnia. Furthermore, she would like to investigate if creative insomnia only affects certain people; for example, night owls vs. early birds. Zoey's advice for students aspiring to create their own project is to pick something that relates to them personally. Zoey explains that having a personal connection will give your project more meaning.

Zoey Farago

Sleep Deprivation
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Deer Valley, SK
School:Lumsden High
Abstract:Sleep deprivation is often linked with adverse effects, but how noticeable are these effects, and does the potential for creative insomnia outweigh the bad? I tested this by staying awake for fifty-six consecutive hours. I concluded that short term memory and alertness deteriorated, while reaction time and basic math skills weren't severely impaired. Finally, I discovered I was more creative when I was sleep deprived.