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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Andrew Probert lives in Oakville, Ontario and attends Maple Grove Public School. Andrew has taken up the guitar and can play the Star Wars theme songs and the Blue Jays theme song. From this you might realize that Andrew likes Star Wars and baseball (both playing and watching). His favourite team is the Blue Jays and he can often be seen wearing a Blue Jays t-shirt. Last year when Andrew graduated from grade six he was awarded the Student Citizenship Award. The inspiration for Andrew's project comes from watching his grandfather's heartbreak as his dock gets slowly destroyed each year by the winter ice. Andrew would love to take his dock invention to the next level by building a real life prototype to test at the cottage. A good summer project for Andrew and his Dad. If Andrew could offer any piece of advice to other students thinking about doing a science project it would be to look around your current surroundings and problems you may have run into. There are many ideas in our everyday lives.

Andrew Probert

Dull Door Becomes Dazzling Dock
Region:Bay Area
City:Oakville, ON
School:Maple Grove Public School
Abstract:The purpose of this innovation is to retract a dock from the water and away from the elements. The inspiration to create this retractable dock comes from witnessing my grandfather’s heartbreak as his dock is destroyed each year by winter ice. This innovative dock is based upon the idea of a folding door and garage door, so it can retract away from the elements.