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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Anna-Lisa - Anna-Lisa Nguyen is a grade 11 student at Walnut Grove Secondary School. In the little time she has to spare, she enjoys weightlifting, being involved in non-profit initiatives and research. In the future, she hopes to compete in fitness competitions once eligible to denounce gender stereotypes. At the moment, she plans to start a non-profit focused on local homelessness, helps run a club for a school in India and volunteers at her local hospital. Evidently, she is a strong advocate for improving the world and challenging the status quo. With her passion in service and people, she plans to study health sciences and look at entering medical school soon after. Drawing from her own personal experiences, she found the idea for her science fair project that focuses on distorted perception. She and her partner, Jennifer Tran, look to furthering the project into a mental health initiative and exploring mental illnesses such as body dysmorphia. To those interested in starting a project, she suggests looking at experiences, passions and curiosities. Although sounding cliché, she believes that interest is what makes a project successful despite winning or losing because she believes in science, there is only discovery and insight.
Jen - The idea of talking about myself in under 200 words is intimidating as, what is it that constitutes my entire being? Is it what I do? My achievements? Or is it who I strive to be and idealistically aspire to be? If I state that I enjoy school, cooking and playing badminton does that necessarily mean that’s all I am? More importantly of the aspects in my life why have I chosen those specifically? We live in a world filled with dilemmas and unfulfilled questions, yet we seek answers from other instead of ourselves. More importantly whose opinion weighs more in a world filled with perpetual power and hunger filled hate? In this case (of a personal bibliography) my opinion holds significant weight as who knows me better than myself? Who am I you ask? Jennifer Tran. Avid hugger. Pursuer of knowledge. Rebel with a cause.

Anna-Lisa Nguyen, Jen Tran

Exploring the Reality of Self-Perception on Physical Appearances
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Langley, BC
School:Walnut Grove Secondary, Mountain Secondary
Abstract:Distortion was found to be evident while investigating one’s self-perception of attractiveness. The procedure involved asking participants to examine their appearances under several conditions; a mirror, a regular photograph and its inversion that simulates the mirror image. Our results show that perception of one’s appearance can easily be distorted by the amount of exposure to real images, a coinciding of both psychology and physics concepts.