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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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I grew up in Victoria for the first 7 years of my life. The first school that I attended was a French Immersion pre-school, I was the very first child to sign up for this school which now has 52 children. My next school was Pacific Christian school, which I attended until grade 2. Then my parents moved to Prince George where I now attend Westside Academy. I was recognized by the RCMP and ICBC in Prince George for my science fair project in 2015 about distractive driving. I know that I will be going to post secondary school in the medical field, as this is my passion. I have won various awards in the numerous sports that I have played. Soccer is one of the main reasons I started this project, especially after seeing all the issues my teammates were having with concussions. I would like to continue my research so that I can help reduce the prevalence of concussions in youth athletes.

Faith Johnson

Heads Up
Region:Central Interior British Columbia
City:Prince George , BC
School:Westside Academy
Abstract:The purpose of the project is to better understand the dangers of concussions for athletes, as it is becoming an apparent problem in youth athletics. Shock indicators were used to test my project. Four different sports were tested hockey, soccer, basketball, and football. The results of my experiment show that head collisions in hockey met the threshold of a concussion the most times.