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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Skylin - My name is Skylin Desjarlais and I am in Gr. 7. I am 13 yrs old.It was our school's first time to join Regional Science Fair and we are blessed to be chosen to take part in CWSF. I've seen that my community had bad soil and I felt the need to find a way to help plants grow "better". I want to continue at my school until Gr. 9 and move onto Rorketon High School until I graduate. The advice I give to all you people/kids attending Science Fairs, is to use Team: Together Everyone Achieves More. All together we can achieve so much more in our lives. Like Deshawn and I, during our Regional Science Fair, we worked hard to be able to attend the CWSF. The night before our judging, we stayed up until 12:00 m.n.-1:00 a.m., and all of us accomplished our goals.We won GOLD!
DeShawn - My name is Deshawn Mckay, I am 14 years old. and I am gonna be moving on to Grade 9. It was our school's first time to join our Regional Science fair and we are blessed to be chosen to take part in the Canada Wide Science Festival. I experienced how much fun it was to work with the worms and take care of them day after day. Nothing worth having comes easy, you have to work really hard for what you want. Skylin and I begin working with the worms and we've been doing all the hard work of feeding the worms, watering the plants one by one and measuring them. It was a hard process to do but it was worth it because it brought us here to the Canada Wide Science Festival.

Skylin Desjarlais, DeShawn McKay

Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Crane River, MB
School:Donald Ahmo School
Abstract:The science and art of backyard composting is one essential skill that is forgotten nowadays by most people. In the O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, we hardly heard of households still doing the traditional way of producing organic fertilizers. This project compared the effect of different worm juice dilutions and water on the growth of canola seeds which were planted in our vermicast enriched community soil.

Awards Value
First Nations University of Canada Award
Sponsor: First Nations University of Canada