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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Peter - My name is Peter Nicholas Altenkirk and I live with my mom, dad, sister, and twin brother in Truro Nova Scotia. I attend Central Colchester Junior High School in Onslow. I first got the idea for this innovation when I was researching designs of electric generators. My sister was laughing and screaming and I told her that I should try generating energy from her. That's when the idea of sound to electricity struck me. After this year, I plan to take a year off of attending science fair, (I have a busy life) but I'll never stop researching this subject. I will build more prototypes and and as far as I can see, this technology is only going to get better and better the further I take it. Outside of science fair, I enjoy building and designing prototype electrical inventions. (things like self watering plant pots and temperature regulating fish bowls.) I also fix tablets and phones, and have my own business: Pete's Inventions and Gadget Services or P.I.G.S. for short. I bike to school when the weathers nice, and every year I attend the MS society bike tour in New Brunswick. I'm very excited to attend CWSF this year.
Tanner - My name is Tanner Bailey Altenkirk and I live with my Mom, Dad, Sister, and twin, Peter, in Truro, N.S. I enjoy school, and love to bike. The inspiration for this project came by accident, while in seventh grade. Peter and I were sitting in our living room, contemplating the possible projects we could attempt for that years Science Fair. However, our younger Sister kept talking and giggling in the background, making it near impossible for us to think at all. And that is when it struck us that there has to be some benefit to all that noise. And so began the great journey that has led us here. I personally have really enjoyed the scientific discovery that has brought me from there to here, and have many future plans for the project, including changing a few of the physical aspects of our generator as well as creating new prototypes after some in depth research. Therefore, I totally recommend doing a project of your own. There will definitely be some tough times, but if you truly follow the scientific process, you can discover the answers to almost any questions you may have.

Peter Altenkirk, Tanner Altenkirk

A New Use for Sound – It's Shocking
Region:Chignecto West
City:Lower Onslow, NS
School:Central Colchester Junior High School
Abstract:Our project is an innovation prototype of a sound to electricity generator that is a second year design. It uses a coil of wire with 180 wraps that moves up and down in between the poles of a horse shoe magnet to generate electricity. The coil is affixed to a rubber film which vibrates when sound waves strike it. This is our generator design.