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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Rowan Harris-Stoertz is a grade 7 student at Children’s Montessori School in Peterborough, Ontario. She loves cats, computer programming, robotics, fencing, carpentry, reading, and crafts of all kinds (especially balloon twisting). She has 3 cats, 14 chickens, and she plays the flute. She hopes to find a career involving software design, robotics, engineering, and creativity. She loves watching Lord of the Rings, but is always bothered by the ineffectiveness of armour in battle scenes, something that resulted in this project.

Rowan Harris-Stoertz

What Should I Wear (to the Battle)?
City:Lakefield, ON
School:The Children’s Montessori & Preparatory School Inc.
Abstract:This experiment tested the effectiveness of three pre-modern armours: linothorax (layered linen), cuir bouilli (boiled leather), and padded chainmail, placed on Styrofoam with a rubbery coating to simulate skin and flesh, against three common pre-modern weapons: a stone (blunt trauma), an axe (blade), and an arrow (piercing). All offered significant protection against blunt trauma and blade, but linothorax offered superior protection against the arrow.