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ESPC 2017 - Regina (Saskatchewan)

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My name is Lahari Bandi; I am 13 years old and I'm in grade 7. I go to school at Queen Charlotte Intermediate. Field hockey and basketball are some sports I play in school. I like to read and play the Violin and French Horn in my free time. I have participated in many Music Festivals over the years. In the future I want to become a Neurologist. My favorite subject in school is Science, that's what got me into Science Fair. The inspiration for my project is, I was interested in how the mind perceives things in many different ways. I read some pages on colors and how they can influence the mind. I wanted to see which screen color and text color would affect memory retention in a positive way. If I were to continue this project I would do the tests on a wider age limit for people that drive because, the color combinations I chose were based on traffic signs and that we see everyday. In my opinion Science Fair is really fun and everyone should get involved. My advice for other students is, be original! Think of a topic you're interested in and do that.

Lahari Bandi

Does Screen and Text Colour affect Memory Retention?
Région:Prince Edward Island
Ville:Charlottetown, PE
École:Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
Sommaire:With a large amount of different colours in the world, all of them are perceived in many different ways. Each colour gives a certain emotion or mood. Screen and text colours are very important when it comes to memorizing a specific topic with ease. My goal is to test which screen and text colour combination will affect memory retention in a positive way.