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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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My Name is Ryan Mitchell and I am in grade 8. I go to KLO Middle School and my favorite subjects are math and science. I currently play hockey, soccer and volleyball but I also have a few hobbies. Two of these hobbies are launching rockets and flying RC planes. I enjoy researching and attempting to make substances with unique properties. I would like to get a post-secondary education in science but I still have a little bit of time to decide. The inspiration of my project came from my friend Jack who also is interested in science. He gave me the idea of ferrofluid but we never made it or researched it very much. Then that began my journey to research it and learn more about ferrofluid. I would like to try my ferrofluid project on a much larger scale to see if I could apply it to the real world. If you were to do a science project, I would advise you to something that you are interested in and then you will enjoy your project.

Ryan Mitchell

Copain de liaison
Region:Central Okanagan
City:Kelowna, BC
School:KLO Middle School
Abstract:This project was created to find a healthier way for the environment to remove oil from water. The aim was to find out which amount of ferro oxyde was needed to remove 15 ml of oil and then apply the results to the real world.