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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Hello! My name is Jarek Osika, I am a grade 7 student at Ecole Mcisaac school in Flin Flon Manitoba and I am 13 years old. I like science and anything outdoors. I have a whole YouTube channel focused on science and projects. It is called Itz Jarek! My science fair project is a radio telescope I made to demonstrate the principles of radio astronomy. My radio telescope is made for sensing radio waves, terrestrial and from outer space and graphing them on a computer using an SDR dongle (software defined radio). I have been very interested and astounded by astronomy ever since i was little so I thought this project would be the right choice for me. I have also never seen anyone with a project on radio telescopes before so it is unique. I am planning on improving my radio telescope with more sensitive equipment, bigger power supply and a bigger receiving dish. If you are entering the science fair I encourage you to research and make a project on a topic you are interested in. I am very exited for the CWSF and I cant wait to be there.

Jarek Osika

Radio Telescope
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Flin Flon, MB
School:École McIsaac School
Abstract:My homemade radio telescope from low cost materials is an astronomical instrument. It can detect radio waves and/or electromagnetic radiation emitted by extra terrestrial and terrestrial sources. The signals are then fed through a software defined radio program and the strength of the signals are viewed and listened to on a computer. My radio telescope is used to demonstrate the principles of radio astronomy.