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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Harley - My name is Harley Edwards. I am currently in grade 7 at South Huron High School. I enjoy playing hockey, this year my peewee rep team made it to the OMHA finals which was a big accomplishment. I also enjoy collecting hockey cards. The inspiration from my science fair project came from my love of the! I would advice other students to choose a topic that interests them and work hard! In the future I would like to attend Police college to become a Police Officer.
Kellen - My name is Kellen Park. I am in grade 7 at South Huron District High School in Exeter, ON. I am a Scout and I am looking forward to attending the Canadian Scout Jamboree in Nova Scotia this summer. My favorite subject is science and, in my spare time, I like to play soccer and hockey. My love for the game of hockey was my inspiration for my project, PhysX of FleX. I would always suggest that a student chooses a topic that they have a passion for. How lucky for me that I could combine my love of science and hockey! In the future, I hope to attend university for naval engineering. I want to build ships! Oh...and play hockey!

Harley Edwards, Kellen Park

PhysX of FleX
Region:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
City:Woodham, ON, Exeter, ON
School:South Huron District H.S.
Abstract:Young Canadians love hockey! This project investigates whether the flex of a hockey stick really affects the speed and accuracy of a minor league player's slapshot. Applying Hooke's Law to a hockey stick, the results of the experiment prove that flex does matter, but that other factors, such as a player's weight and experience are also considerations.