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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Grace - my name is grace and i've suffered the effect of exzema for many years, treatment after treatment nothing was working. Untill a IWK specialist recommened taking a bath every night between 15 and 30 minutes, and, like most bath takers, I found myself rerunning the water, and two baths a night and with a full house, that can be very expensive. Not only does this product appeal to people with skin conditions, but also to people who enjoy long nostalgic baths. The ideal bath temperature, without damaging skin is 38°c, and bath takers know that it only takes 15 minutes for bath water to drop below 36°c, which is your body temperature. When water is below body temperature it feels cold, and no one wants to put up with lukewarm water, so we decided to make the J&A’s bath blanket, it keeps the heat in and the cold out! In the making of this product I learned it take a lot of hard work! For advice to any other kid willing to take on the challenge do it! It's an experience of an life time that you will never forget.
Meera - Hello, my name is Meera Joshi and I love science! Like any other product, the J&A Bath Blanket started off as an problem, and then an idea. You see, my friend Grace has atopic dermatitis , and treatment after treatment was doing nothing. Finally, an IWK dermatology specialist recommended bathing every night and it helped a lot... but the bath water was always getting cold,so that gave us the inspiration to build a product that kept the heat in, and the cold out. After being awarded 2nd place at the STEM east fair, and first at River valley regional science fair, we decided to build a company out of our product and we are very exited to begin that. I absolutely love doing STEM, so if you wanted a good review, i'm the person to give it to you!

Grace Agnew, Meera Joshi

J&A's Bath Blankets
Region:River Valley
City:Moncton , NB, Moncton, NB
School:Bessborough School
Abstract:I have suffered from red, itchy, inflamed skin caused by Eczema since birth. The IWK specialists recommended bathing every night for a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes. However, the bath water kept getting too cold before the time was done. This inspired us to create a thermal bath blanket, which after testing proves to save heat, money and water.