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CWSF 2017 - Regina, Saskatchewan

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Hello, My name is Lainee Johnson. I am currently 15 years old attending Alison Bernard Memorial High School in my community of Eskasoni, N.S. I am Mi'kmaq, First Nation. I am the youngest of 6 children. I am involved in the Interact group in my school, which is mostly volunteering and coming up with ideas to better our School and our community. I really enjoy playing sports, such as Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer. My family is very much involved in music and my Sister is a singer. This inspired me to explore more about the science behind singing and to explore different vocal ranges. I think that everyone should do a science project because it is truly very interesting and it opens many doors for the future.

Lainee Johnson

How High/Low Can You Go?
Region:Mi'kma'q First Nation
City:Eskasoni, NS
School:Eskasoni High School
Abstract:My project is about exploring different types of vocal ranges, ranging from different genders and ages 20 and up. In my daily life, music plays a big role. I enjoy playing instruments like the Guitar and piano. This inspired me to revolve my project and experiment around music, and the science behind singing and different vocal ranges.